Have you heard about Fiverr?

I’ve heard about it, but never tried it before.

While I am learning more about building my WordPress site, living my life, taking care of my family, building a business, going to educational seminars, masterminds, and all that an entrepreneurial life entails.  I, like most of you, find I don’t have time to do it all.

There comes a time when one has to outsource things.  Instead of spending hours on something that I am not an expert in, I decided to outsource it.

Thus I thought it was time to give Fiverr a try and then share my experience with you.

Fiverr is a site where people will do something for you for only $5!  Yes, only $5!  It’s amazing what is offered on this site, some of which is strange and entertaining.

I chose to go for a header for Social Media Cupcakes.  I simply typed in “WordPress Header” in the search area.  Then I looked over the offers and their samples of previous work.  I also took into consideration their reviews, if they had any.

I took that leap of faith and sent out a request.  I was taken to a Paypal link where I paid my $5.  Then it let’s you know that there is some additional information needed to complete the project.   I sent a description of the colors I wanted in my header, my logo, and a link to this blog to give them an idea of what it’s about.

It took two days, but I received a header.  It was nothing like I had requested.  No problem, I sent a message back and asked for a revision.  What came back is what you see as my new header above.

Note: There is a limit to how many times you can get a project redone.  It is only $5 after all.

The seller sent me a jpg file and PSD file.  He even came to look at my site to make sure it was working well.  It wasn’t.  So he sent me a message and told me what to do.  WHOLA!  Done and only for $5!!

I tried a second job, but the seller did not provide the requested product.  Fiverr sent me a message that it had been  days with no response from the seller.  They gave me an option to cancel my request at that time.  Thus, no money was lost on my part.

One of my friends recently used Fiverr and received a 17 page power point presentation.  She was THRILLED!

So my advice to you is, give it a try, you have nothing to loose.  Think of the time and money you are going to save!

Over all, I think Fiverr is one SWEET deal!!

P.S. The person I used for my header is led_nrgdesign on Fiverr.

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You have no excuses! A 10 year old video expert!

I have had a little problem with my blog and was unable to post for a while.  Still learning all about WordPress!


Did you set up your YouTube channel since my last post?  I hope so!!

Here is a short video with Zynnia Jezek of Sisters To Success with one of my new Social Media Cupcakes.  They are really cool and have created quite the buzz on my personal Facebook page.   I just couldn’t keep the secret to myself so I shared them with my friends.

I can’t wait to share them all with you!!

Zynnia is 10 years old and is already quite the video expert!  She did this video on the spot.   You should see some of the amazing videos she makes.  She even has a green screen in her home!

So you really don’t have a reason not to upload a video!!  Just do it and get yourself out there.  All it takes is one step at a time!

We are all on the same journey.  You can’t learn it all at one time, but you can keep trying!

As a dear friend likes to remind her friends “Don’t Give Up Before The Miracle”

Would you like more bites of social media goodness?  Check out our fan page on Facebook where I post tips from some of the top social media gurus.

If you go to our fan page you can get a preview of our new Social Media Cupcakes logo!! Remember to “like” us while you are there!

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Do You Know What the Top Search Engines Are?

Do you have a message or product that you want to share with the world?  If you do, what is your plan to get your message out in to the massive sea of the Internet?

The Internet is so massive and huge; can you really reach the people you want to reach?  Let’s be real here, you are like a small little krill swimming in an ocean.  How do you go from being a krill to being a whale, the king of the ocean?

Quite honestly, you don’t have to become a whale to make a really good living by using the Internet.  Weather you’re a brick and mortar business or Internet based business.  It all comes down to using all of the social media tools to their fullest potential!

You say you are using them, but nothing is happening?  Then you have to ask your self, why isn’t it working?  Did you just through something together and expect people to come clamoring to your site?  Or, are you giving them a reason to search you out?

What kind of bait are you using?  Everyone is hungry for something.  Your job is to figure out what type of bait (content) they are looking for.

Check out what Jamie Eslinger of Tiara Marketing learned recently at  social media seminar.

Top three search engines:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. You Tube – Google owns You Tube, do you understand why You Tube is #3 ?

If you haven’t signed up with You Tube yet, then you need to do so today.

At the very least create an account! You don’t have to eat the cupcake all at once,  all it takes is one tiny bite of the social media cupcake.  Go on!  Go sign up NOW, before the cupcake gets stale and you forget about it.  You Tube

Video is THE biggest selling tool on the Internet.  You Tube is the third largest search engine!  What are you waiting for!!

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Baking Up Some Social Media Goodness

I  just returned from an amazing social media seminar put on by Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle (GKIC) in Baltimore.  While I was at the seminar, I took a side trip to the famous Gerogetown Cupcakes in DC so that I could post a review to my new cupcake blog The Big Fat Cupcake. Because I stood in line so long for these special cupcakes, I made a decision to purchase two dozen, then some how use them at the seminar to help bring attention to me and my blog.

Thanks to the power of social media I recieved a free Chocolate2 cupcake!

Thus Social Media Cucpakes was born!!  Why cupcakes you say?

You see GKIC is always preaching about doing something outrageous with your business.  So while I was sitting at this amazing seminar, a new business idea began baking in my head.

What I have learned from GKIC:

1.  Do what you love and you WILL succeed!

2.  Be Outrageous!  Stand out and be different, then you will be noticed!

3.  When you get an idea, implement it immediately.

4.  Don’t worry about what it looks like, just do it!!

So here I stand, doing what I love.  Providing yummy morsels of social media goodness along side a really cute and great tasting cupcake.

Being outrageous by delivering my social media information in a different and inciting way.

Implementing my idea immediately!  While at the conference I purchased my domain name, created a twitter account, and gmail address for the business.  All from my iPhone!

From these conferences, I have learned video sells.  So, I used my new found twitter tools, posted on my new twitter account for those at the event to find me and I would give them a free cupcake!  In exchange all I asked for was a brief video with a great social media tip. It worked!!

I will be posting a few videos each week while I am building my blog and web presence. Each video will have an amazing bit of social media goodness inside it.  Along with the videos, I will expand on what each person spoke about.  Providing links and educating you more on how to implement these tips in your business.

Before you leave don’t forget to sign in an follow Social Media Cupcakes!!  You won’t want to miss one bite of goodness!

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