Do You Know What the Top Search Engines Are?

Do you have a message or product that you want to share with the world?  If you do, what is your plan to get your message out in to the massive sea of the Internet?

The Internet is so massive and huge; can you really reach the people you want to reach?  Let’s be real here, you are like a small little krill swimming in an ocean.  How do you go from being a krill to being a whale, the king of the ocean?

Quite honestly, you don’t have to become a whale to make a really good living by using the Internet.  Weather you’re a brick and mortar business or Internet based business.  It all comes down to using all of the social media tools to their fullest potential!

You say you are using them, but nothing is happening?  Then you have to ask your self, why isn’t it working?  Did you just through something together and expect people to come clamoring to your site?  Or, are you giving them a reason to search you out?

What kind of bait are you using?  Everyone is hungry for something.  Your job is to figure out what type of bait (content) they are looking for.

Check out what Jamie Eslinger of Tiara Marketing learned recently at  social media seminar.

Top three search engines:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. You Tube – Google owns You Tube, do you understand why You Tube is #3 ?

If you haven’t signed up with You Tube yet, then you need to do so today.

At the very least create an account! You don’t have to eat the cupcake all at once,  all it takes is one tiny bite of the social media cupcake.  Go on!  Go sign up NOW, before the cupcake gets stale and you forget about it.  You Tube

Video is THE biggest selling tool on the Internet.  You Tube is the third largest search engine!  What are you waiting for!!

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2 Responses to Do You Know What the Top Search Engines Are?

  1. I’m only recently discovering the power of video posting. For a while I’ve been anti them, but I can see the benefit.

    Thanks for reminding the importance and inspiring me to do some more!

  2. Steven H says:

    Interesting stuff. I had a YouTube presence for a little while and than I decided to ditch it because it wasn’t reflecting what I wanted it to. I will have to dive back into it at some point. What do you think about podcasts too?

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