You have no excuses! A 10 year old video expert!

I have had a little problem with my blog and was unable to post for a while.  Still learning all about WordPress!


Did you set up your YouTube channel since my last post?  I hope so!!

Here is a short video with Zynnia Jezek of Sisters To Success with one of my new Social Media Cupcakes.  They are really cool and have created quite the buzz on my personal Facebook page.   I just couldn’t keep the secret to myself so I shared them with my friends.

I can’t wait to share them all with you!!

Zynnia is 10 years old and is already quite the video expert!  She did this video on the spot.   You should see some of the amazing videos she makes.  She even has a green screen in her home!

So you really don’t have a reason not to upload a video!!  Just do it and get yourself out there.  All it takes is one step at a time!

We are all on the same journey.  You can’t learn it all at one time, but you can keep trying!

As a dear friend likes to remind her friends “Don’t Give Up Before The Miracle”

Would you like more bites of social media goodness?  Check out our fan page on Facebook where I post tips from some of the top social media gurus.

If you go to our fan page you can get a preview of our new Social Media Cupcakes logo!! Remember to “like” us while you are there!

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